Sunday, November 18, 2012

Advertising on Blog

For class on 17th Nov 2012

Try It OUT!

Give it a try to post here your own eshop here. See if you can post the url correctly, give it a name and also some short description to see if it can attract people to view it!

Objective :

- to ensure that you know what is the website address (url) of your eshop

=> if you don't know what is it, how does others know?

- to get a feel how is it like to commnet on blog as a way of promotion your eshop


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

This is my eshop. Hope to see you !

Anonymous said...

welcome to visit my eshop

wylliam said...

hope this is right.

visit me at
and be in for a surprise!

cos it is not up yet, regards.

Anonymous said...

Visit my eshop for the latest products on sale.

Anonymous said...

For Organic Products. Visit

SG MiniWorld said...

Yio ... The latest range of trendy male wears are in town (^_^)/*
Must come and visit us and see how you can be transfromed from head to toe, inside out wor.
See ya 0\(^.^)/0

jean said...

This is a interesting tool for the beginner to use

wylliam said...

let me just try again!


cheerios and have a good SUNDAY.


fangday said...

welcome,welcome,welcome to Fangday cartoon T-shirt.
take a visit to

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